Customer Service Course

📈 In our time, marketing, sales and customer management service are no longer a separate part of the other, It doesn’t necessarily mean having good marketing = good sales = good customer service = good profits.

Too much competition may often turn the tables and gain who gives the customer the greatest and optimal value at the lowest possible cost!

This is what the largest companies such as Amazon (excessive attention to customer service) approach, and this is what makes us ask the following question: What is the CRM Process Course?

1️⃣ First Stage: Access 🛣️

A step of marketing (the stage in which the customer knows you)

2️⃣ Second Stage: Inquiries ! ?️

A step of sales (the stage where the customer knows how to treat him before completing the transaction)

3️⃣ Third Stage: Transfer or close 💹

A step of sales (the stage at which the potential customer becomes a real customer and completes the purchase process)

4️⃣ Fourth stage: Customer Retention! 🤝🏻

A step of customer service (the stage that the customer must always remember you even after buying it)

5️⃣ Fifth stage: Loyalty 😄

A step of customer service (the stage where the customer feels belonging to you, then he advises others and defends your services and products due to his wonderful experience with you!

This circle is in the straw that broke the camel’s back in many small and emerging projects! As negligence of any of the factors Thursday is considered a major threat to the health of the company and immediately after any defect in these factors must be taken to the company’s medical condition urgently to the doctor.