Customer Selling Cycle

Determining the sales cycle for the customer is an essential process in the process of selling products and services to customers, It includes all the stages that the customer goes through during this process, From getting acquainted with the products and services offered to completing the purchase process and after-sales service. The sales cycle for the customer aims to provide an enjoyable and easy buying experience for the customer, Achieving the company’s goals by increasing sales and customer satisfaction and building strong and sustainable relationships with them.

1️⃣: Administrative tasks: These decisions include the vision, mission or plan and strategic goal of the company, based on which the entire departments of the company are moved.

Example: Setting a goal of achieving sales of one million dollars within 5 years with a budget of 2 million riyals.

According to this objective, the road map is drawn, What do we need to do to reach this goal?

2️⃣: Potential Customers

There is no doubt that everyone who will communicate with you will not be a real customer, And not you who pressed the like button is actually interested in buying. Therefore, the larger the number of potential customers, the easier the chance of a real customer among them.

3️⃣: Manage contact lists

After you find potential customers, they must register their basic data such as phone number, Email, The number of the company he works for and his general interests! This is to analyze the customer’s situation before talking to him and know how to convince the customer

4️⃣: Sales funnel monitoring

It is said on the stages of selling = sales funnel, which knows that potential customers are the most, and the closer the opportunity to close or convert to be a real customer who completed the purchase, the number will shrink little by little

Example: 1000 leads

500 of them are not eligible to take the service

500 Qualified

500 eligible – of which 250 people may buy from another competitor for a certain reason

There are 250 serious customers left that you can convince them to buy!

After the persuasion process, I was able to sell to 15 people, If the closing rate is 1.5%

5️⃣: Client Relations

After the purchase process, it is necessary to take care of the customer as if he is a stranger and you are ready to wait for the deal to close to increase sales, An existing customer is just as important as an old customer.

6️⃣: Follow-up plan

A follow-up plan should be developed for the customers who are there to invest in them in the long term and to make the most of their presence with you, Specifically if you sell products or engage in trade (frequent selling)