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Communication is the secret to the success of sales operations, The call center system or call center system provides complete management of your sales team and evaluates their performance during voice calls to control your sales process and increase your profits!

Using modern and advanced technologies, The call center system can analyze call data and provide detailed reports on the sales team’s performance and the level of achieving the set goals. Which helps you make the right decisions in order to improve sales operations and increase your company’s revenues. in addition to, The call center system can be used to provide high-quality customer service and improve the customer experience in communicating with your company. Which increases your credibility and makes your customers feel satisfied and loyal to your products and services.

Why unified call center system?

Call center systems It uses a built-in smart system to simplify the use of your wired and wireless communications together instead of keeping your communications separate. Call center systems integrate these services together to enable you to use your home phone or your own mobile phone as an extension from your company to receive your calls at any time, and communicate with dozens of customers or co-workers in a conference call. And obtain detailed reports showing the company’s response to customers.

Cloud contact center system It allows companies to communicate effectively with customers, where all information related to customers is stored on the cloud and can be easily accessed. The system saves costs, increases productivity, improves service quality, and provides security and protection of information. The system is an ideal solution for companies seeking to improve service quality, save costs, and increase productivity.

Nothing is more convenient than quickly having your client reach you, even when you are not inside the office or company headquarters. With the cloud communication system, you can respond to your customers wherever you are and however you want
This ensures that you do not lose any business opportunity or the possibility that your client will leave you and go to deal with your competitors. In addition, you can use the cloud system to store and share files and documents among team members easily and in real time, making the collaboration process more effective and smooth. While improving customer experience and providing quality service, a cloud communication system can increase productivity and profits for your company. Therefore, it is recommended that you ensure the availability of this system in your business to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

Features of the unified call center system

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No need for a server

The ability to work from home without a landline phone is an indispensable advantage in light of current progress. Since you are not forced to move your server every time you move to the office! You can work and respond wherever you are in any country at the same cost

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One number for the entire company

One screen contains a telephone dialing program, The feature of sending short messages to customers, Register customer information, view email, Talking with website customers (chat for visitors), sending WhatsApp messages, in addition to following up with customers with all their details

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Linking with the customer relationship management system

By linking with the customer service system, You can see all communications and correspondence, And the emails that the customer went through from the first communication message to the completion of the transactions

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Connecting all departments of the company

Internal number for each department, An internal number for each employee. With the smart automated response system, your client can comfortably reach the section he wants and be answered by the specialist. Instead of relying on external phone numbers and spending a lot of money.

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Call Recording

Customer service calls can be recorded to improve service quality and evaluate employee performance. Using the call center system, Calls are recorded, performance weaknesses are identified, and training programs are updated. Recorded calls can be listened to in different search methods.

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Saving 71% of the budget

By activating the cloud communication system, there will be no need to obtain a SIM card for every person within the company or organization, or even a landline phone, because that is very expensive. Make that smoother with product solutions.

Worried about the system fitting into your industry?

The system has been customized in a flexible and smooth manner to suit various business areas

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Educational services

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Real Estate Companies

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Marketing companies

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Public Services

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Course platforms

Introductory video about the system

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Frequently asked questions about the VoIP unified communications system

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Integrations available with VoIP call management system

+250 integration

You can easily connect the call center system or the cloud communication system to Google Contact or the customer relationship management system to receive a comprehensive overview of each customer, starting from how he came to you to all the events that occurred between you and him. Such as contact history, How many minutes passed between you and him? What services did he request from you? How much was the bill and how much was it paid for?

Thanks to these available capabilities, Your technical support team can deal with customers better and more effectively, Providing high-quality service that accurately meets customer needs. By analyzing the available data, It is possible to identify strong and weak points in the process of communicating with customers and work to improve them. Which contributes to the company’s success and better achievement of its goals. And therefore, It can be said that linking the call center system to Google contact or the customer relationship management system is an excellent option for companies that are interested in improving their services and providing the best to their customers.

Why a unified contact center system with a product?

Simplicity of systems

We train our team to use the systems, We also help you solve any problem you may encounter using your systems

Speed of implementation

We begin work directly after understanding your needs. You can also follow the progress of work with ease

Training & Support

We train our team to use the systems, We also help you solve any problem you may encounter using your systems

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