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Communication is the secret that ensures successful sales operations. The customer relationship management system provides many advantages that make sales operations easier, Which ensures an exceptional experience for your customers.
In reality, A CRM system can help you improve your overall customer service, Where you can track communications with customers and meet their needs faster and more effectively. A customer relationship management system can also help you expand your customer list and identify new sales opportunities. Thus increasing revenues and achieving success in business. So, Businesses should invest in a customer relationship management system to improve their services and increase productivity and profitability.

How does the system make it easier to manage your customers and increase your sales?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) It is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. This approach analyzes customer history data with the company in order to improve the best business relationships with customers, With a special focus on customer retention, In order to drive sales growth.

The CRM approach involves providing excellent customer service and meeting customer needs in an efficient and timely manner. This approach aims to enhance customer loyalty and increase opportunities for repeat sales. Improving the company’s reputation in the market. The success of customer relationship management depends on understanding the individual needs, desires and requirements of each customer. And apply customized strategies for each category of clients. Using advanced technologies such as data analysis and better customer recognition, Businesses can improve customer relationships and achieve sustainable sales growth.

The primary objective of CRM systems is to integrate and automate sales, marketing, and customer support. With the Dashboard dashboard that gives a comprehensive view of the three systems on one page for each customer of the company. The dashboard usually provides customer information, purchases, Past marketing efforts, And more, Summarizes all the relationships between the client and the company. An operational CRM system consists of 3 main elements: Automation of sales forces, and marketing automation, and automation of services.

Features of CRM System

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Simplicity of systems

You can communicate with your customers from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Skype, Email, Viber without distraction through only one interface

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Customize sales stages

You have the ability to determine the stages of selling from the beginning of the client’s communication to the closing of the deal with ease, which helps to understand the client’s progress and know what increases your profits or hinders the closure of positions.

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time saving

Through the automation system in routine work, you can communicate with your customers via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Skype, Email, Viber without distraction through only one interface

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Link marketing system

The ability to connect the marketing system to messaging and email, You can provide a distinctive and unique experience as a company with a thousand employees, no matter how small your company is, by notifying your customers by email and SMS.

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Simplify purchasing processes

Your purchase process will no longer be tiring and you can simplify the buying process by saving your team’s time and effort by 90% with our integrated system

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Detailed performance reports

These reports will help you understand the nature of your customers and your work team, which will enable you to improve the quality of communication with your customers and better meet their needs, thus increasing your sales and company profits.

Worried about the system fitting into your industry?

The system has been customized in a flexible and smooth manner to suit various business areas

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Educational services

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Real Estate Companies

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Marketing companies

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Public Services

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Course platforms

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Frequently asked questions about the CRM system

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Integrations available with Muntaja CRM system

+250 integration

Kommo, a developer-customized system, has hundreds of integrations that can take your company’s system to astronomical levels of productivity! Such as linking the system to all your communication channels, linking Kommo to WhatsApp, Connect Kommo Crm to Messenger, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, and Google Ads!
Think this is just what Kommo CRM can do? no, The Kommo system customized by the producer can connect to hundreds of other systems such as accounting systems, remote payment, task and project management, automation and artificial intelligence! Not to mention the connection to archiving, file management and contract systems

According to user reviews: Kommo CRM is the ideal solution to improve company productivity, facilitate the management process, communicate with customers, and provide better services.

Why a CRM system with a product?

Simplicity of systems

We train our team to use the systems, We also help you solve any problem you may encounter using your systems

Speed of implementation

We begin work directly after understanding your needs. You can also follow the progress of work with ease

Training & Support

We train our team to use the systems, We also help you solve any problem you may encounter using your systems

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