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Connect with your customers from a unified number

Communication is the secret to the success of sales operations, The customer disability management system offers many features, which facilitates sales operations, ensuring a distinctive experience for your customers

Why Unified Call Center System?

Call Center systems use a built-in smart system to simplify the use of your wired and wireless communications together instead of keeping your communications separate, call center systems integrate these services together to enable you to use your home phone or your own mobile as a transfer from your company to receive your calls at any time, communicate with dozens of customers or co-workers with a conference call and obtain detailed reports showing the extent of the company’s response to customers.

Why should you get a unified call center?

One screen contains a phone call program, the feature of sending SMS to customers, recording customer information, viewing e-mail, talking with website customers (chat chat for visitors), sending WhatsApp messages in addition to following up customers and opening technical support tickets, and also includes booking orders and setting appointments

By linking with the customer service system, You can see all communications and correspondence, And the emails that the customer went through from the first communication message to the completion of the transactions

The branch linking service is a distinguished service where we work to link the main company with its branches, whatever the number of branches and anywhere, where the branch linking service works to follow up and monitor the performance of employees and other wonderful features that enable the owner of the institution to follow up and know the performance of the branches in an organized and accurate manner.

One of the most important features of call center systems is to ensure the quality of service provided by customer service staff and evaluate it.

Using the call center system, you can record calls and through it the performance of customer service staff is evaluated and weaknesses in performance are identified.

You can also refer and listen to recorded calls in different search methods such as customer number, call time.

By activating the cloud communication system, there will be no need to get a phone SIM card for everyone within the company or organization or even a landline phone because it is very expensive, Make that smoother with product solutions.

A productive team is always with you to train your employees or if you encounter any problem using the program.

A service that suits various fields of work

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